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One-storey prefabricated house EKO LIVING 96

One-storey prefabricated house EKO LIVING 96
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    We offer you the most desired layout, namely a living room with a dining room and a kitchen and two bedrooms with two bathrooms. The different ones in this house are the exposed visors in front of the front door and the door of the porch, which give a broken look of the house and the two-faced roof. In addition, the house also has a garage.

    1. Vestibule - 4.15m2

    2. Living room with dining area - 32.50m2

    3. Kitchen - 9.35m2

    4. Bathroom with toilet - 4.40m2

    5. Bedroom - 10.80m2

    6. Bathroom with toilet - 4.50m2

    7. Bedroom - 11.35m2

    8. Garage - 31.00m2

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