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One storey prefabricated house VESELA

One storey prefabricated house VESELA
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    Very comfortable one-storey house for people loving space. This house would also be suitable as a guest house, where we can offer different types of layouts. Completed in a normal or modern style, it would become a jewel for its owners.

    Corridor - 17,52sq.m

    Living room with dining area - 35,96sq.m

    Kitchen - 9,94sq.m Cabinet - 11,28sq.m

    Wardrobe - 8,73sq.m

    Bedroom -13,00sq.m

    Bedroom -13,00sq.m

    Bedroom - 14,98sq.m

    Bathroom - 6,32sq.m

    Bathroom - 5,78sq.m

    Veranda - 30.25sq.m

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