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Did you know that there are two similar words in Bulgarian language – house and home. While the first one means only the place where you live in, in the second we add some meanings like coziness, peace, positive emotions… Home has always had special meaning for every Bulgarian family. This is why EKO Living House is delighted to offer you exactly this – a second home. The prefabricated houses, which you can see and purchase in our site, are so comfortable and cozy, that will create the feeling of real hearth.

What exactly are the prefabricated houses Eko Living Houses?

They are extremely expedient solution for everybody, who wants to save time and money in constructing house, without affecting the qualities of the building. On the opposite – the technology that Eko Living Houses offers is solid, trustworthy and excels the “standard” construction in a range of indicators. We are talking about the so called SIP panels. (SIP = structural insulated panels). This is a “Canadian technology” that increases the energy efficiency of the building. The idea of similar construction is known in Europe since 15th century. It is applied successfully in living and business edifices ever since.

Actually we’ve all seen and know the houses with wooden frames and panels. That is in fact, the base, on which the SIP panels are developed. The wooden material used in the production of the SIP panels is impregnated (processed) against decaying, woodworms and different types of insects. It also perfectly rejects mold, fungus and etc. The technology, known as „dry construction" helps for building from low energy to high-tech passive houses. Once built, they can’t be dismantled or moved and are legalized as monolithic buildings. They can even be insured as such type of edifices. The materials used are various and depend on the certain project, but mostly wood and other ecological and lasting materials.


What are the advantages of the prefabricated houses from SIP panels?

We’ll tell you the most important right away:

  • - long-term and durable construction
  • unique thermal and sound insulation, by which SIP they excel most constructional technologies;
  • - flexible architecture that practically has no boundaries;
  • - SIP is among the strongest thin-walled support structures. There are no limits in the region, where the prefabricated house will be built;
  • - due to the high level of strength and bending of the walls, the prefabricated houses from SIP panels of Eko Living Houses can stand hard earthquakes;
  • - extremely fast and quality construction – prefabricated houses of Eko Living House can be finished in the period of 35-45 days total - period depends on the size and luxury of the construction.
  • - natural and ecologically clean materials that create comfort living atmosphere;
  • - lack of volatile and dangerous substances;

- low investment risk;

- the edifices are insured as monolith buildings and are legalized as such;

Why EKO Living House?

The company experience, the application of leading technologies and personal attitude towards each client and project are the real value of the prefabricated houses that we offer. If you’re looking for a fast and permanent construction, characterized with high energy efficiency, we are here for you. Check out the different realized projects and call us. Trust our team’s proficiency and together we can make your ideal home a true one. Prefabricated houses can become everything you have dreamed of – your warm, quiet and cozy home.
Contact us using the form below, call us on 0988 955 922 / 0898 526 356 or write us at We are waiting for you!

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