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Basic principles of prefabricated Eko Living Houses

The contemporary architecture of prefabricated houses Eko Living House allows achieving the desired vision and functionality of the building. Each idea, every architectural project, can be turn into reality. Out professional team of engineers and architects works on the appearance of every building, daring to try some non-standard decisions. The precise execution makes prefabricated houses Eko Living perfectly finished and keeps the projected detail in them.



The second basic principle of prefabricated houses Eko Living House is their high energy efficiency. Soon enough this will be a basic principle when forming the price of any building or edifice. According to a directive of the European Union, after 2020 the newly built edifices should have almost zero energy consumption for heating, without using fossil fuel. Nowadays, when the fuel price rises permanently, the smartest decision is to save it and a way for that is finding alternative energy sources.


Prefabricated houses Eko Living House give the opportunity to determine the energy characteristics of the building. This means that you can decide them according to your own resources. The change of one or a few characteristics indicates how much you can save for a certain period of time. Also it gives idea when you will get back the initial investment.


The security and comfort are also important when choosing a prefabricated house. This is why the houses Eko Living House are designed individually. The density and dimensions of the supporting elements and the position of the reinforcing connections are also individually estimated. The weight of a prefabricated house Eko Living House is about 20 times lower than conventional building. Thus, the weight of the building and the mean of linking the separate elements decreases the influence of eventual earthquakes on the building. Besides, the prefabricated houses Eko Living House are fire-proof, because flameproof materials, such as plasterboard, stone wool, fiberboard, are used in the construction. A hydro insulation membrane is laid on the foundation. On the top of it are assembled thermal insulating planes and fiberboard. The walls and the floors are multilayer.


All this ensures dry, warm, sound insulated and cozy rooms.

 Compared to the monolith construction, prefabricated houses are completed in shorter terms. If a regular house construction begins after the permission is issued, the elements for a prefabricated house start to be produced when the project goes to the municipality. This way, when the permission is given, we start the preparation for the foundation and the assembling of the house. The time needed for that is 3-8 times shorter compared to a standardbuilding.


The process of prefabricated houses Eko Living House are more acceptable, compared to those of a conventional monolith building, on a bases of finished stages. Last but not least, the prefabricated houses have additional bonus of design, quality and economy.


It happens in monolith constructions that some details are underestimated and afterwards the investor has to make additional expenses. This is almost impossible in the case of the prefabricated houses. Our engineers foresee and give finishing touches to each and every small detail. This is the guarantee that the price you pay is final and there won’t be any additional expenses.


Of course no building can be finished without some finishing works. When we talk about them, you have the right to choose the materials used and this is estimated in real time. This way you will get the best combination considered with your financial resources.


In addition to everything else, the prefabricated houses are ecological. You know that there is tons of rubbish after the construction of a conventional monolith house. This can’t happen in the assembling of a prefabricated house Eko Living House. The reason is that almost the whole process is fixed in the factory conditions (the production of the materials and elements is made in factory).


Prefabricated houses Eko Living House has a range of advantages compared to monolith construction. It is also important that the shorter construction process reduces the discomfort of your neighbors. There is a lack of daily hauling-away of the constructional garbage that contaminates the environment. There is no constructional humidity when using the edifice. The microclimate is better and is used less energy for heating. All those things make your home with high energy efficiency (less energy consumption), cozier and more comfort.


Choose the modern, cheaper, and more energy efficient construction. The right decision equals success. The team of Eko Living is at your disposal – call our experts on 0898 526 356 / 0988 955 922 or through the inquiry.

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