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Documents needed to start building a prefabricated house

What documents do you need to start building a prefabricated house?

You need to have permission for using the construction. It is issued by the Director of NCCD or by an authorized by him legal entity. The permission is given on the bases of: a) final decision constituted by the person supervising the constructions from 1st, 2nd and 3rd categories and b) a specimen report 16 for authentication the suitability for using the construction. The report is made by the State Inspection Board according to Decree number 3 from 2003. To it you need to apply preposition for issuing a license for exploitation. The commission that will issue this document is specified with an order by the director of NCCD or other person that is authorized with written order.


    For a commission to be appointed, the Principal or the authorized by him person should submit the following documents:

    - Written request from the Principal or other authorized by him person. You need to specify correct address and telephone number in it;

    - Permission for construction;

    - Report that determines the construct line and level and should also include the results from the examination of the reached controlled levels: bottom, foundations, plinth wall, cornice, apex;

    Specimen report number 15 from Decree number 3 from 2003;

    - Signed order book;

    - Document issued by the Cadastral Agency proving that you have handed in the executive documentation in the case that it was required;

    Document that proves personal property or that you have permission for construction in another’s property under special law.

    - Contract with the companies that distribute electricity, water, heating and so on (BTC, etc)

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