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Pool – Stone Imitation, San Marina Iraklion 7.30x3.75x1.20 M

Pool – Stone Imitation, San Marina Iraklion 7.30x3.75x1.20 M
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    Oval pool with stone imitation on the walls. Filtering system – sand filter 4m3/h. Skimmer and step-ladder. Dimensions of the packaged product – 90x80x170 cm. Weight of the product – 287.75 kg.

    Discover the beauty and esthetics of this oval metal walled pool from San Marina Iraklion series. Its original design and innovative look, with its decorative stone daub imitating walls, will match perfectly to every yard or garden. Thanks to its huge water capacity, this pool is suitable for 4-6 adults.

    The pool is equipped with: 

    Step-ladder with security system

    Sand filtering system – 4m3/h

    Liner in sand color – 40/100 (0.40 mm)

    Meets the French pool standard NF P 90-316

    European production meeting the standards ISO 9002

    2-years guarantee


    This oval pool can stay outside all year round.

    Assembling is easy, directly on the ground, preferably on a concrete foundation.

    Because of its structure with side bearers, you need to provide additionally 1.50 m from all sides of the pool.

    The pool can also be partly or fully embedded!

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