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Prices Eko Living House

We suggest to your attention the start prices of the ecological prefabricated houses Eko Living House. The price of each prefabricated house depends on:

• The type of the project

• The additional and individual customer’s preferences for the exterior and the interior of the house

• The stages of completeness (structural work, 100% outside completeness, turnkey stage)

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The offer that we make is for a square meter and is based on base standards, accepted by our company.

1. Structural work – “Manufacture, delivery and assembly” – 165 euro/m2/ no VAT included

At this stage of completeness of the house you will have – the house built with finished roof, covered with bitumen tiles, opening for the windows and doors, ready for joinery work. The whole wooded material is impregnated.

2. 100% of the outside is finished – 275 euro/m2/ no VAT included

This includes p.1 plus additional exterior thermal insulation and daub, joinery, gutters, chimney.

3. Turnkey house – 420 euro/m2/ no VAT included

At this point the client will have p.2 plus finished installations /electric, water delivery and sewerage systems/, drywall of the construction – palette knifed and painted with dip mixture, laundry rooms /walls and ceilings with PVC surfaces, floor tiles/ ready for installing sinks, showers, toilets, etc, the floors are with laminate.

 What will you have before placing the furniture in your prefabricated house from Eko Living House?

• Wooden supporting construction ;

• Thermal insulated panels – SIP, consisting of:

   - wooden frame – 100 mm;

   - OSB surfaces (magnesium boards);

   - mineral fiber 100 mm

• wooden roof construction;

• hydro insulation of the roof;

• bituminous tiles;

• PVC joinery – white color;

• external thermal insulation – EPS 5 cm;

• mineral daub – white;

• supporting elements;

• electric installation ready for assembling the switches, lamps, water-heater, etc. 

• water delivery and sewerage installations ready for assembling mixing taps, shower cabins, etc.

• sanitary rooms ready for assembling the desired installations

• plaster board on the construction

• laminate in all rooms

• free transportation for Republic of Bulgaria ;

• impregnates on the wooden material.

 4. Fundament  – 80 euro/m2/ no VAT included

The price of the fundament for your future prefabricated house can be estimated after the obtaining of the constructive part of the project documents.

The price for laying the foundations of a prefabricated house varies from 50 to 80 euro/m2, depending on the leveling of the terrain.

EKO Living House offers and fulfils partially or totally the stages of construction, depending on the customer’s demand:


Houses can be built up to a demanded stage in order to be reduced the expenses in the processes of completeness.

The price of the full project documentation is individually estimated.


How to execute a deal?

We offer you, our customers, a direct meeting. During the conversation we will present and explain the technology of the work, the choice of the materials, the range of colors for facades and interiors rooms, according to your own desires and resources. Thus you will obtain certain prices from the catalog of the prefabricated houses in advance.

The customer will also obtain prices for electric and water delivery and sewerage installations, basic finishing works on floors, walls and ceilings. The type and choice of the finishing works are chosen by the customer .

The final Offer for the finishing works, desired by the customer, is made after the projects and the quantitative calculations are made.

Standard work method with Eko Living House customers:

• Preparing of the Offer

• Discussion – negotiation;

• signing the Contract for construction;

• Laying the foundation /not necessarily by us/;

• Manufacturing the house in the workshop according to the Constructional project;

• Delivery and assembling of the manufactured house on the work spot;

• Delivery and assembling of the roof covering;

• Delivery and assembling of joinery and front door;

• Delivery and assembling of external insulation + mineral daub;

• Internal and external finishing works, according to the accepted Offer.


Every other additional works are described in annexes, added to the Contract for construction.

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