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Project documents preparation

Project set of necessary documents

The projects for assembling one-storey houses that Eko Living House offers look in the following way:

    - Architecture

    - Constructions

    - Scheme of electro installation, water supply and sewerage in the house. In case that there is no canalization on the spot where the house will be built, we can add in the project a digestion tank or rectifying equipment.

    - Energy efficiency and preparing a report on the subject

    - Emergency plan in cases of fire or other emergency situation


    The project does NOT include:

    1. Vertically planning and geodesic surveying – it is made according to the characteristics of the spot. We can’t make a plan before the geodesist land surveys the terrain, where the house will be built. Surveying could also be made by another firm, but the best way is to call us and we’ll connect you to a specialist we usually work with and we trust his abilities and propriety.

    2. Constructional-geological report – it also is made according to the characteristics of the spot, where the house will be built. It is important to mention, however, that not all the municipalities require this document. So, before making the report, call us so that we can check if this document is needed at all.

    3. Planting plan – the same as p.2.

    4. Constructional plan for supporting walls, porches and staircases that ensures the organization of the terrain. This plan is prepared only if the principal desires and is subject to negotiation between both parties. It is not required for issuing a building permission.

    5. Preparing a plan for transformer post or other megawatt installations. This project is prepared only in emergency cases, if on the spot can’t be ensured the needed energy for the house. In case of preparing such plan, there will be additional negotiation.

    6. Water and sewerage project for hydrophore installation, drilling water-supplying, anti-fire water-supplying and fire-suspension installations. Such project is made extremely rarely for apartment buildings and thus they are additional negotiation. You need to know that you don’t need this project for issuing a building permission.

    7. A report for conformity of the project documentation. It is prepared on the customer’s demand. As you can see by the name, a valuation is given by a company that is licensed and can give a position on the required documents – if they meet the norms and laws of Republic of Bulgaria. With the preparation of this project, you will shorten the time needed for issuing a building permission. If not, the documents should be heard on a special session in the municipality and that takes a lot of time.  

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